Skorcery: Presskit

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Skorecery Splash Screen

Skorecery: The Overview

  • Title: Skorecery
  • Developer/Publisher: GrappleHook Games
  • Expected platforms: Windows, OSX
  • System Requirements: TBD
  • Gameplay Modes: 1v1, 2v2, and several unique modes (see below)
  • Genre: Local multiplayer sports-like
  • The Team: Eric Peterson (GrappleHook Games), Adam Gressen (GrappleHook Games), Ben Greenier, Jen Tella, Pat Gallagher, Akhil Dakinedi, Nick Bergen, Chris Germano (Pilone Consulting)

What is Skorecery?

Skorecery is a 2D sports-like local multiplayer game built on a strong magic and mysticism theme, where playable characters use agility and spellcasting to defeat their opponent in a closed arena. Gameplay is fast-paced with high replay value, which is thanks to years of playtesting and refinement: Skorecery began as Buzz Breakers in 2013, a fully completed prototype that eventually grew into Crater Kings in mid 2014.

How is magic and mysticism sports-like?

Over the course of development, Skorecery has been theme-less, set in space, and magical, but one thing has stayed the same: the core mechanics. While sports-like is a popular pseudo-genre these days (Rocket League, Sportsfriends, Hokra, Videoball), Skorecery ultimately came from a nostalgiac and sincere appreciation for the days of gaming where everyone would be in the same room, enjoying one another's presence as much as the game itself.

Skorecery: The Pre-Alpha

Currently, Skorecery features

  • Standard and Special Game Modes
    • Singles: Two Skorecerers face off to harness the power of the other realm and destroy their opponent's runes. Last player with remaining runes wins.
    • Quick Play: Just get playing right now.
    • Doubles: Four player exhibition! Last team with remaining runes wins.
    • Goal Tender: A timed mode where victory is determined by points. Runes randomly appear. The first shot to hit a rune scores a point. When time ends, the final team runes are vulnerable to shots.
    • Practice: A good old fashioned mess about.
    • Shootout: Like exhibition, except each player is restricted to a fixed number of shots. Once all players have expended their shots, the player or team with the most runes standing wins.
    • Tutorial: Learn the ropes.
  • 8 Team Colors
  • 4 Arenas
  • 5 Unique Spells

and there are a lot of new features coming soon, so stay tuned!

Skorecery: The Media

Skorecery: The Press

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