Skorecery: Mystical. Local Multiplayer. Mayhem.

Skorecery is a local multiplayer sports-like video game built around an exciting magic and mysticism theme. Created by GrappleHook Games and based on classic game mechanics, Skocery's gameplay takes seconds to learn but countless hours to master!

Skorecery: The Feedback

Skorecery: The Game

Skorecery drops 2 to 4 players in a close-quarters arena where the last team to keep their runes is the victor. Run, jump, and use unique spells to destroy your opponent's runes, all while mastering a mysterious orb of immeasurable power. Breakout, dodgeball, and Videoball are just a few names that come to mind when you enjoy Skorecery, but none have the amazing character and art direction like us!

Skorecery: The Team

Skorecery has been primarily developed and designed by GrappleHook Games with an ongoing partnership with a talented team of designers, developers, artists, and musicians.

Skorecery Logo

Eric Peterson, GrappleHook Games

Production, design, development

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Adam Gressen, GrappleHook Games

Development, design, R&D

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Ben Greenier


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Jen Tella


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Pat Gallagher


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Akhil Dakinedi

UI Design

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Nick Bergen


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Chris Germano, Pilone Consulting

Early design & development, chief marketing strategist

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Skorecery: The Press

Although Skorecery has been in development for some time, it has only been seen in its current state for a brief moment. You probably know it as its previous identity, Crater Kings! A smash hit at Boston Festival of Indie Games, Northeastern Games Showcase, and Playcrafting at MIT, Crater Kings has received fantastic feedback over the months we've had it on tour. Since the rebrand there has been nothing but positivity, and we hope to share more good news after Boston Festival of Indie Games 2016!

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